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Are you ready to get lost in my literary world ?

O is for One Direction.

Publié le 13 Novembre 2013, 08:05am

For the first time of my life, I'm going to write an Alphabiography. I think it's my duty to talk about One Direction, the boys band that marked my adolescence/ life as a teenager and which I assume will forever be in my heart. I'm just going to ask myself a simple question :

What does One Direction mean for you M-A ?

One direction have made me feel good about myself, and helped me through hard times. They made me realize that I'm perfect the way I am and that I should believe in myself. Their songs aren't only good, they can lift your spirit and brighten your day, they're an inspiration for me. They taught me that when you try your hardest and when you really believe in you, you will achieve your dreams and have success. Everyone tell me that when I'm going to grow up, in like one year or two years, I'll forget them but I know I won't. It's so obvious for me. I can't forget them. Everytime I'm sad or something like that, I just listen to their songs and then I feel peaceful. I assume that no one except my friends (Mayssa, Neo, Enael etc..) will understand me, but you know what ? I don't care. We (Directioners) are thousands in this world and we can understand each others. And that's all that matter. When I'll be older, if I fulfill my dreams and have the life I always wanted to have, it will be thanks to them (not only them but they're a part of the people who helped me and who made me wanna fight for what I want.). So yeah that's what One Direction means for me.

Life Lesson : You are perfect in your own way, never let somebody tells you the contrary. And if you truly want something, you have to believe in you and try your hardest to achieve your dream.

Next letter of my #Alphabiography will be a F for.. well it could be for Fears, Future, Faith ... Just STAY TUNNED. x

O is for One Direction.
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AA 13/11/2013 18:57

You look so passionate ;)


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