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Publié le 20 Janvier 2014, 01:54am


So for LELE, I had to write an article about an odd couple. I know many odd couple but my new favorite odd couple is, without a doubt Neal Caffrey and Peter Burk, on White Collar.

Neal George Caffrey is really handsome, sophisticated, and is considered to be one of the world's greatest and best con artist. Neal was a White Collar criminal, and after being chased by the FBI more than3 years, he was caught by Peter Burk, a FBI agent. Neal offers to Peter to help him find the criminals he is hunting, as long as he can be released into Burke's custody. Neal is allowed to pay his remaining four-year as a consultant to the FBI. With Neal, Peter goes is like "Trust but Verify," which means he checks Neal's anklet every day to see where he's gone between hours. Peter considers as a friend, someone really close to him. Neal trusts Peter more than anyone else in his life. After spending many times together and after everything they have been through, most of it due to Neal, they have become really close to each other.

To my mind, they represent an odd couple because Neal is one of the most dangerous, clever, smart, handsome and hot criminal an con man (he has never killed someone though) and Peter is very right and a good FBI agent. The fact that they have become so close is actually strange. It's like they were made to become friend, their relationship is so deep.

Neal is pushing Peter down while Peter is pushing Neal up. The thing is, they find the middle.

To be honnest, they are also my favorite couple because I have a really big crush on Matt Bomer who plays Neal Caffrey.

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