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E is for Existing

Publié le 14 Février 2014, 05:48am

E is for existing

Everyone living is existing but not everyone existing is living, as long as u still breathin thn you exist. I live : I have have made something. I exist : I breathe, I'm here and that's it nothing else. You are alive, you might not be able to do anything or maybe you are depressed etc. You feel like you just exist and not enjoy anything in life at all.

When someone is only existing, they aren't experiencing/ living life.They're not present in the moments, doing things to challenge himself; following is dreams. Existing is just that, existing. It's feeling passive, not having any interest in the world around us. You just exist without actually living. You are alive but unable to enjoy your life, you are like a dead to society, you're just here without any feelings or goals.

Life lesson : Start being alive, you weren't born just to exist, you were also born to live and enjoy your time on this earth.

E is for Existing
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