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T is for Thought

Publié le 14 Février 2014, 06:17am

T is ofr Thought

When I was a child, I used to think that .. well I weren't really thinking when I was a baby so whatever. All I can remember of that period is that I thought that I had superpower and that I was a superhero mabe because I thought that being a simplu human was boring and worthless. I wanted to be more than JUST an human because I wanted to be powerful.

While growing up, I've come to realize that well being a human is as boring as I used to think. But the positive thing is that we can improve and developpe who we are, we can become who we want to become. We were blessed by./with intelligence is what makes us more than normal and powerful. A human that doesn't have thoughts, that doesn't think, is like a sheep. He is thoughtless, emotionless?...

Life Lesson : To be able to think and to have thoughts is what make us who we are and make us be independant, different. Without these, we would be like sheeps! So don't lose your ability to think and have individuals thoughts.

T is for Thought
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