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U is for U N B E L I E V E B L A B L E

Publié le 19 Mai 2014, 08:20am

U is for U N B E L I E V E B L A B L E

Do you believe in love beyond death ? I kind of do. When someone dies, those who loved him when he was living, still love that person even after he's dead. There will always be the love that existed because true love is eternal. That's immortality my dear.

Do you believe in Immortality ? I do. The fact that people don't forget you and your name, that's what I call Immortality.

Most of the time, we don't beieve in something and it turns out it happens. As an example, nobody believed that humans could walk on the moan and look what happened with Neil Armstrong. Nobody thought that humans could fly yet we do when we are on planes. So many things seems and are unbelievable, but nothing is impossible.

Life lesson : always expect the unexpected, believe (in) what seems unbelievable and unbelieved and create possible out of impossible. Because "The sky has never been the limit. We are our own limits."

U is for U N B E L I E V E B L A B L E
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