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H is for " happy with who you are"

Publié le 15 Mars 2014, 16:26pm

H is for " happy with who you are"

H is for "Happy with who you are" as in be happy with who you are..

We're always complaining about who we are and how we are, we - girls, are the worst, always looking for something wrong on us, always. We're never satisfied, never. When some girls have long hair, they're like "short hair is better" while, some other have short hair and are like "long hair way more beautiful". When some wear glasses, they feel the need to wear contacts.. As if there were always something that needs to be changed. There will always be someone who is unhappy with who he is. That's why I think that in irder to find happiness, we first need to learn to accept ourselves the way we are and I know that's easy to say but as a teenager, I - too - am struggling with my own complexes but sometimes I just tell myself "just get over it, you were born this way so just get over it and instead of seeing everything you don't like about you, start thinking about everything you like". I think that we all like ourselves, we are just always overthinking and thinking about what others may or may not like about us and that's when all the complexes begin.

Life lesson : Adore and accept yourself for the amazing person you are because you are perfect the way you are and nobody can take that away from you.

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Amalou 06/04/2014 16:19

A pleasent article to read, really :)
I will try to think about this next time I complain about myself, again !!!! thanks for the advice

Ahlem 27/03/2014 19:21

That would be great to like ourselves the way we are but as you say we're never satisfied consequently we will always find a bad thing in our body :/


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