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Are you ready to get lost in my literary world ?

10 things I'm going to remember of that year in LELE 10 things I'm going to remember of that year in LELE 1 - I'm going to remember some authors I've learn things about and that I like as Samuel Beckett or Ernest Hemingway and many others. I've liked their works or some quotes they said, I've sometimes even like their way of thinking and see life. 2 - I'm... Lire la suite
X is for Xenophobia X is for Xenophobia So, xenophobia is a fear of strangers or foreigners, to my mind, it's very close to racism. I don't even understand why people make a huge dfference between xenophobia and racism. I'm sorry but if you're afraid of a group of people because they are different... Lire la suite
Y stands for YOUTH Y stands for YOUTH For those who don't know, youth is the transition from childhood to adulthood, in other words, it's our years as teanagers. They're so many things to say about teenagers and youth, I don't even know how to start so instead of writing many things, I'm... Lire la suite
D stands for Death. D stands for Death. D is for Death. Death is something we will all have to face one day whether we like it or not.. we were all born to die one day. I'm pretty sure everyone is scared of dying, of the idea that everything will just be over, disappeared. I'm not afraid to... Lire la suite
R is for Rain R is for Rain R is for Rain, Raining. Most people say rainy days are bad days and dark time. To their mind, rain is a symbol of sorrow, tears, sadness, regret, anger, renewal... Personnally, I love rain, to my mind, it symbolizes pain with a promise of purification... Lire la suite
V is for VINE V is for VINE For those who don't know, Vine is a new social network where people post short videos which aimed at making everyone laugh. They are so funny and cool to watch. I wanted to post V is for Vibe but I HAD to make an article about Vine, no matter how much... Lire la suite
U is for U N B E L I E V E B L A B L E U is for U N B E L I E V E B L A B L E Do you believe in love beyond death ? I kind of do. When someone dies, those who loved him when he was living, still love that person even after he's dead. There will always be the love that existed because true love is eternal. That's immortality my... Lire la suite
Z is for Zodiac Sign Z is for Zodiac Sign Z is for Zodiac Sign I used to read my horoscope few years ago and I still do it sometimes, when I'm bored. And most of the things it said came true! But I don't really believe in those things anymore, even thought whole personality things, like when... Lire la suite
J is for Jealousy J is for Jealousy Have you ever been jealous of anyone ? Don't lie. You can lie to me, lie to everyone but you can't lie to yourself. I'm pretty everyone have already been jealous of someone. To my mind, to be jealous is when you feel like someone else is getting/given... Lire la suite
C stands for Coachella C stands for Coachella So first Coachella is a music festival which takes place in California. Basically, Coachella is the heaven for those who love live music, like me. There are many reasons why Coachella sounds so good : first I (can) get to hear my favorite bands and singers... Lire la suite
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