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S is for secrets.

Publié le 15 Mars 2014, 17:37pm

S is for secrets.

To cover a secret, most of the time, you gave to tell a lie, and then you must tell another.. Then everything begins because let's be honnest, when someone starts and chooses to lie to cover up something one lie is never enough because to keep the secret, you have to tell another lie to make sure people believe the one you told before. Then before you know, all you have and all you say is lies white it would be so much easier to tell the truth from the start, and deal with the consequences because in most cases, secrets are not something we are proud of otherwise why would we want to keep it secret from everyone else? Where there is a secret, there is also a lie. And secret and lie are also what break relationships.

Life lesson : Secrets are not good, (just watch on PRETTY LITTLE LIARS.. And you will for sure understand how destructive and dangerous secrets and lies can be. All those who watch pretty little liars see what I mean!). When you have to lie, make sure - at least- that you will be able to remember everything you say and be able to keep the believable. But also, make sure you’re prepared to lose everything once the truth is finally out (even more if your secrets and lies are tremendous, as in Pretty little liars). But most important, never forget that nobody will never be happy if his is based on nothing but secrets and lies, because it never ends with just one lie.

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Mr L 23/03/2014 19:08

Why should we lie to keep our secrets secret? Sometimes, secrets are just important too & not telling anything about them doesn't necessarily mean lying or being ashamed of them... That could be linked with privacy, intimacy... Why should everyone be "transparent"? What about "mystery" too? ;)


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