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  • A is for alone

    08 janvier 2014

    A is for Alone Every day I am surrounded by people. Every day I have my friends and family next to me and I feel happy. When I’m in the middle of a crowd talking to my friends, joking, laughing deep down, I can’t help but feel alone. Sometimes I think...


    20 janvier 2014

    So for LELE, I had to write an article about an odd couple. I know many odd couple but my new favorite odd couple is, without a doubt Neal Caffrey and Peter Burk, on White Collar. Neal George Caffrey is really handsome, sophisticated, and is considered...

  • G is for Girls

    05 février 2014

    G is for girls ;) Do you want to know what I don't get? Why my pencil is starting to hurt my hand. But ANYWAYS, I don't get much about girls. Why do we take so much time in bathrooms, why do we overthink (everything), why do we talk so much, why do we...

  • K is for Karma

    15 mars 2014

    "Live by the sword, die by the sword" "What goes around comes back around" Definition of Karma (one I found): "Your actions have consequences, Karma is the invisible power that balances the universe. You created your destiny. Your fate is sealed and you...

  • S is for secrets.

    15 mars 2014

    To cover a secret, most of the time, you gave to tell a lie, and then you must tell another.. Then everything begins because let's be honnest, when someone starts and chooses to lie to cover up something one lie is never enough because to keep the secret,...

  • B is for Broadcast

    08 janvier 2014

    B is for broadcast, all my favorite broadcasted tv shows. This one can looks weird and useless I know but this my alpha biography so I hope you ( M.Literature in English teacher) won't give me a bad marks for talking about this. Whatever I have decided...

  • H is for " happy with who you are"

    15 mars 2014

    H is for "Happy with who you are" as in be happy with who you are.. We're always complaining about who we are and how we are, we - girls, are the worst, always looking for something wrong on us, always. We're never satisfied, never. When some girls have...

  • N is for Newborn

    08 janvier 2014

    N is for Newbor To be honest, I wish I was still a child. They are so nice and kind. They see the simple things in life. When I'll be older enough and I'll have a good husband I plan on having my own children and I look forward to that day. I want 3 children....

  • V is for VINE

    20 mai 2014

    For those who don't know, Vine is a new social network where people post short videos which aimed at making everyone laugh. They are so funny and cool to watch. I wanted to post V is for Vibe but I HAD to make an article about Vine, no matter how much...

  • T is for Thought

    14 février 2014

    T is ofr Thought When I was a child, I used to think that .. well I weren't really thinking when I was a baby so whatever. All I can remember of that period is that I thought that I had superpower and that I was a superhero mabe because I thought that...

  • Q is for Quotes/ Quotations

    14 février 2014

    Q is for Quotes One of my favorite thing to do is reading quotes. Quotes can be here to teach you, to help you to go through the hardest time in your life, they can be like your teachers, something that teachs you wisdo, something that inspires you, that...

  • L is for Life

    14 février 2014

    We were born to die but also born to live. That's one of the biggest misery of life. We have to live, to grow up, to go to school and spend all our time in school, studying and do many things in order to find a good job and earn our living later, knowing...

  • I is for IPOD aka Music

    05 février 2014

    I is for Ipod One of the best things in this world is an IPOD, we all have something we use to listen to music. We all like music. No matter how old we are, we all do. Personally I like many different kind of musics, that's why I think I haven't really...

  • F is for forgiveness

    08 janvier 2014

    To forgive or not to forgive that's a really good questiom. If someone hurt you would you forgive them? I have already been hurt by some people in my life. But I don't do a big deal when someone hurt me because I don't knownwhy but I can't be mad at someone....

  • E is for Existing

    14 février 2014

    E is for existing Everyone living is existing but not everyone existing is living, as long as u still breathin thn you exist. I live : I have have made something. I exist : I breathe, I'm here and that's it nothing else. You are alive, you might not be...


    26 septembre 2013

  • "A BRAVE NEW WORLD" Aldous Huxley

    13 novembre 2013

    Between all the presentations I have seen in class, I've decided to choose Aldous Huxley (26 July 1894 - 22 November 1963) who was an English writer. Aldous Huxley was a humanist, pacifist, and satirist. He later became interested in spiritual subjects....

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