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M is for me. As in myself

Publié le 8 Janvier 2014, 09:19am

M is for me. As in myself

Who am I ?

A lot of people say that the years as a teenager is when we - the teenagers are supposed to try to find who we are and who we want to be. It seems so easy for the others while I'm struggling to understand what I want and who I am. I just know who I want to be. So when I look in the mirror, I ask myself who are you ? Well I doubt myself a lot, I want to be skinner but I'm always eating. I want to live and hangout with my friends but I'm lonely. All I know is that I want to help others, interact with others etc.. I am a great listener to anyone who needs to talk.

I never judge because I feel everyone has a right to be who they want to be. I guess right that's who I am or what I want for now. Maybe in few years, I will come here on overblog and read this and laugh because I will finally have found myself.

Life lesson : Who you are is who you want to be. If one day you feel lost, just look in a mirror and tell what you see. That's who you are.

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