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D stands for Death.

Publié le 21 Mai 2014, 07:26am

D stands for Death.

D is for Death.

Death is something we will all have to face one day whether we like it or not.. we were all born to die one day. I'm pretty sure everyone is scared of dying, of the idea that everything will just be over, disappeared. I'm not afraid to die, or afraid of what happen to me after I die, I'm just afraid of how I'm going to die. Isn't that scary ? To know that we could die at anytime, randomly, like being hit by a bus or to burn on fire or even to drown in water .. All these kind of horrible death frightenned me. I want to die peacefully and not suffer. So knowing that most of the time, people suffer when they die, makes me hate and regret the fact that I'm living makes me wish that I was born. I've thought about all the possible type of things that could happen to me if I died unexpexctedly. I'd rather die in my sleep (even though I don't know if it hurts since the people who died in their sleep aren't here to tell us anymore), but if I got into some kind of accident like in a car crash, a plane crash, hit by bus.. I'd be idk. Anyway, since I'm a Christian, I personally believe that if I die, then my time on Earth was over, that it was my fate and that it was meant to be. and I would be happy knowing that I could be going to a better place. "Could" because I've done and will probably do many sinces in my life so only God will decide if I deserve to be allowed in Heaven.

Life Lesson : Live your life while you can and say whatever you want to cause you never know what might happen to you : you might get hit by a bus and die. So don't let things unsaid and don't be afraid of what comes after death. A better place is waiting for us.

D stands for Death.
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